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The Henry County Board of Commissioners is about to raise your property taxes. The Citizen’s Budget Review Committee have completed their meetings and one member is saying just that:

“The consensus was there was no other choice but to raise the millage rate.”

As we’ve noted here before, and will continue to note until the Board of Commissioners gets serious about spending cuts, Henry County home owners pay higher property taxes than 83% of all the home owners in the U.S.

The website MillageRate.com gives a simple explanation of how it’s calculated:

“To determine the millage rate, you divide the “A” – the portion of the budget to be funded by tax dollars – by the second number, “B”– which is 40% of the net tax digest. The product of this equation is “C,” the millage rate(2)…. One “mill” represents one dollar of tax on every thousand dollars of taxable property value.”

If you look at your current tax statement you will see last year’s  millage rate was 36.628. Of that, 15.160 mills are what you pay in County Taxes for the General Fund. This pays for the day to day operations, including employee salaries. The Board of Education gets another 20.0 mills just for the maintenance and operation of our schools. They also get another 3.628 mills for a bond (loan) that was approved by voters out there somewhere.  I certainly didn’t vote for it and I’m guessing my readers are smart enough they didn’t either. So, we’ve got some work to do to educate others, don’t we?

But it wasn’t enough for them. Not only did the Commissioners spend every single dime of what we gave them last year, they are now screaming we must give them more. No matter what we pay, it’s never going to be enough for this current administration.

Here’s why.

In addition to spending our property taxes, this Board of Commissioners also spent more than $24 MILLION in Stimulus funds from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). And, the Board of Education spent more $46 MILLION in Stimulus funds from the ARRA. These are typically referred to as “bailouts”.

Henry County got a bailout.

So you see? It truly is never going to be enough for them and it’s time your County Commissioner heard from the REAL Citizen’s Budget Review Committee. You!

Contact your District Commissioner and Chairman BJ Mathis and demand they not raise our taxes. Whom do you suppose will stop them if you don’t?


Contact the Board of Commissioners via their website, or email them using the links below. Locate your Commissioner here.

BJ Mathis   Chairman

Warren Holder  District 1

Brian Preston District 2

Randy Stamey  District 3

Reid Bowman  District 4

Bruce Holmes District 5

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