Congratulations Henry County. You’ve just raised your own taxes. SPLOST passed 54% to 46%.

As my friend Don Henderson opined best on Facebook this evening, “What I would ask is that all of you who voted FOR this new tax is that you NOW hold the feet of the BOC to the fire of priority in the area of Public Safety FIRST.” It’s on all of us now to ensure that this money is spent the way it is intended to be spent with no crony payoffs, golf courses, or “parks” that are really just big swamps. And Hampton, it’s up to you now to be involved with how this money gets spent so you don’t get screwed out of another senior center. Pay attention and don’t ask again.

In the city elections, McDonough Mayor Billy Copeland was handily re-elected with 68% of the vote. So the saying goes “if it ain’t broke…”.

Hampton has a new Mayor. Congratulations to former Councilman Steve Hutchison. Truly a man for the people of Hampton.

Also, I would like to personally congratulate 20 year old Zakery Daniel for his positive campaign in the Hampton City Council special election which he won by a whopping margin of 65% to 33%. Fine young man, he is. Well done, Zak.

And last but not least, Stockbridge appointed “Mayor” Mark Alarcon came in fourth out of four. Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Tim Thompson.

Find all the election results here.

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