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Four Representatives from the Henry County Legislative Delegation met this morning to discuss, in part, Senator Rick Jeffares legislative plan to remove powers from the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and give it to the County Manager.

I have spoken separately with three individuals who attended the meeting this morning. According to all three of them, the four Representatives who attended, Andy Welch, John Yates, Brian Strickland and Dale Rutledge all stated their opposition to allowing this bill to move forward in the House.

Since their rules require that at least five of the eight House legislators to support any local legislation, this means that, for all intents and purposes, there is no road for Senator Jeffares ill-conceived, hypocritical, abuse of power plan to move forward.

Please show your respectful appreciation to all of them.

House District 73 John Yates
404.656.5126 john.yates@house.ga.gov
House District 109 Dale Rutledge
404.656.0109 dale.rutledge@house.ga.gov
House District 110 Andy Welch
404.656.0109 awelch@swblawfirm.com
House District 111 Brian Strickland
404.656.0109 brian.strickland@house.ga.gov


I would like to publicly extend my appreciation to Representatives Welch, Yates, Strickland, and yes, even Representative Rutledge, for listening to and respecting the will of their constituents in this matter.

Special recognition should also go to Larry Stanley who provided valuable information to his readers in The Citizen Newsletter over the weekend.

Charles Downey also deserves our thanks for making a coordinated effort with member of his group the Henry Community Coalition (HCC) to get involved.

Many member of the Henry County Republican Party also took time to let their views be known on this matter at their annual convention on Saturday in which most of these legislators were in attendance and received quite an earful. Thank you to all of you.

To all of my readers here at Proof of Right, thank you for responding to this call for action. Your responses and concern for our community provide me with fuel to continue. I know my readers are smart and, when armed with information, will continue changing our community for the better.

And, to all Henry County citizens who took action with their phone calls, emails, Facebook and Twitter comments – Congratulations. You made your voices heard.

For now.

Don’t expect this issue to go away forever.

As for Senator Jeffares, I hope he will consider the citizens voices first in the future instead of his own petulant ego. I won’t hold my breath.

P.S. Dear Commissioner Brian Preston, please feel free to make an official appointment to the Water Authority at any time now. We can’t wait to let you know exactly where we stand on that. Again.

P.S.S. I predict that in the next few weeks we will see in uptick in the number of hit-piece articles in the Henry Herald aimed at Chairman Tommy Smith as a result of this episode. It’s their S.O.P.

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