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Stockbridge Mayor Mark Alarcon has announced the hiring of ousted former Henry County Chairman BJ Mathis as its new Community and Economic Development Officer.

This makes Mark Alarcon unfit to be Mayor.

Either Alarcon is aware of ethically challenged Mathis’ history of abusing taxpayer funds and approves of foisting her corrupt behavior upon the residents of Stockbridge.

Or, he is painfully negligent in his oversight of City Administrator David Milliron who hired Mathis without any knowledge or input from City Councils members.  They only learned of the hiring at the same time the public did in an email sent Thursday by Alarcon Friday by Mr. Milliron.

And, let’s face it; it would be an insult to our common sense for Alarcon to claim he was not involved in the selection of Mathis for this position.

From what I gathered during last year’s campaign, it was common knowledge that Mayor Alarcon supported Mathis’ reelection.  Additionally, Alarcon’s wife was the vice president of a political organization, Conservative Republican Women of Henry County, which held a fundraiser for Mathis’ reelection effort. That group is led by Sahar Hekmati who was recently arrested for disorderly conduct. Hekmati and Mayor Alarcon are both officers of the Georgia GOP 13th District whose convention was thrown out for flagrant rule violations by the Georgia Republican Party at their statewide convention last year.

Alarcon w Mathis

Left to Right: Stockbridge Mayor Mark Alarcon; Accused Child Molestor and BJ Mathis Campaign Donor who benefited from the airport purchase and Board of Haalth Appointee Billy Abbate; Ousted Chairman BJ Mathis; Former Zoning Board Chairman Terry Echols who resigned in disgrace from Mathis Administration after pleading guilty to charges.

Mayor Alarcon chooses in his press release to try and glowingly justify hiring Mathis based on her experience as Chairman of the Henry County Board of Commissioners. But the truth is, her record in that position is exactly why he should not her any decision making authority over taxpayer funds.

Mathis facilitated Henry County’s purchase of a $17 million dollar airport which directly benefited its adjacent landowners who contributed more than $15k to her campaign coffers. Her biggest donor from this group was none other than Billy Abbate whom was also appointed to the County Board of Health during Mathis’ reign of terror. He is currently in jail awaiting trial on 24 counts related to child molestation.

Mathis oversaw the purchase of property for the new 911 Emergency facility in which the-Zoning Board Chairman Terry Echols profited $34k in taxpayer money for payment of a real estate commission on the deal. If that’s not bad enough, after being investigated by the District Attorney, it turned out Echols was not even a licensed real estate agent. He pleaded guilty to charges and was forced to resign from the zoning board.

Mathis’ signature appears on the purchase agreement which falsely identified the seller of a property in order to hide the fact that disgraced Zoning Board Chairman Terry Echols’ uncle was the actual seller who absconded with $380k of taxpayer funds.

In the same exact vote in which she spent $4 million to purchase land from the nephew of  the police chief after his zoning request was denied, she also spent $3.2 million to purchase 123 acres for a vacant lot in Kelleytown from her crony real estate developer and former president of the Henry Council for Quality Growth after his zoning request was also denied.

Mathis illegally approved the appointment of former District 2 Commissioner Fred Auletta as County Manager when former manager Butch Sanders resigned last year. The County clearly stated Auletta was ineligible for the position yet she allowed it anyway.

All of this spending that Mathis undertook to reward her cronies resulted in a $10 million underfunding of the annual budget last year which resulted in a property tax increase for the residents of Henry County.

So, that is the record Mayor Alarcon should have considered before hiring BJ Mathis. But instead of protecting the taxpayers of Stockbridge, he’s played her same game of Reward the Cronies.

Gird your loins, indeed.